One night in October

Pyrmont Heritage Boating Club is proud to present RE-GATHERING – a night of live art and music on the waterfront.

re-gathering… from the origins of the word regatta

In mid-October 2011, on a foreshore industrial outdoor site under the Anzac Bridge, the evening will be an opportunity for people to come together where land and water meet, and celebrate.

ART asserting its role in cutting to the core of all of our human-ness

This fanstastic piece of land has had a highly politicised history of community use and potential development, and its future use is currently under negotiation. We invite people from all parts of the community to connect and experience an enchanting night under the bridge.

Everyone shares the desire to have a physical, cultural and 
personal place to express their truth

Come and take pleasure in the bonfire, food and drink, live music, performance, film and art installations... and some beautiful heritage timber boats, including a 74-foot viking ship replica.

A grassroots, experiential and community-building event 
for everyone

For more information please contact Anna -